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The DDHeroes is a turn based strategy war game for iPhone/iPad. Heroes running around the map with creatures in their armies, battling other creatures and hero armies, gaining experience and learning new skills, collecting resources and artifacts, capturing mines and castles and building improvements to existing castles in order to produce and hire more powerful creatures. Usually the aim is to rule the world by defeating all other heroes and capturing all of their castles. A player can have multiple heroes either running or sailing around the map or garrisoned in a castle.

Each adventure turn (consisting of you and AI moves) is represented as a single day, and days are organized into cycles of weeks and months. At the start of each week, creature dwellings produce new recruits, and in most cases neutral armies will increase in size. The primary resource is gold, which is generated by towns on a daily basis. Gold alone is sufficient for obtaining basic buildings and most creatures. As construction progresses, increasing amounts of secondary resources such as wood, ore, gems, crystal, sulfur, and mercury are required. These resources, as well as gold, are produced at mines and other secondary structures, which are located on the map and require heroes to capture them. As with towns, mines can also be captured by enemy heroes, presenting an additional avenue for conflict.

Combat occurs on a hexagonal grid battlefield, and turn-based too. Creatures in an army are represented by unit stacks, each of which consists of a single type of creature, in any quantity. Five of stacks are available to each army, and army morale suffers with mixing incompatible unit types. Several random factors affect combat result, and hero abilities, artifacts and spells influence a unit's luck and morale ratings. A unit that triggers good luck deals more or receives less damage, and a unit that triggers high morale receives an extra chance to attack. Heroes do not act as units, and cannot be harmed. Surrendering allows the player to keep the remaining units intact after paying a heavy price in gold.

The strategy logic and user interactive concept are inspired by the original Jon Van Caneghem's Heroes of Might and Magic II. Most maps in the game come from public domain generated by fans and licensed by the creative commons license or free to use license.

Let's start playing with the following features: 6 types of castles/heroes, 4 primary skills, 14 secondary skills, over 70 spells/artifacts/structures, 9 terrain types and 66 creatures.

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